Interactive Flat Panel Display

Experience unparalleled versatility with our Interactive Flat Panel Display, ideal for both academic and educational environments. With impressive 4K resolution and intuitive touch controls, our sleek screens are available in sizes ranging from 65" to 110". Whether you're conducting dynamic classroom lessons or facilitating collaborative projects, these multi-purpose displays are designed to enhance every aspect of learning. Captivate your students with stunning visuals and streamline connectivity for seamless integration with educational technology. It's time to re-imagine education - upgrade to our Interactive Flat Panel Display today.

Upto 40

Touch Points


Angle View

Android 13.0

Operating System

≥50k Hours

LED Panel Life


Power Consumption

Transform presentations with TechnoCLASS Interactive Flat Panels. Experience dynamic visuals, responsive touch, and seamless connectivity for engaging meetings and teaching.

Magic Touch

Magic Touch

Wireless Wonder

Wireless Wonder

Intuitive Magic Wand

Intuitive Magic Wand

Built to Wow

Built to Wow

Precision Touch

Seamless interaction, transforming ideas into dynamic reality.

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Innovative Teaching Tools
Cinematic Brilliance
Quad Core CPU
Unbreakable Toughened Glass

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)?

Imagine a smart, giant touchscreen for your presentations and collaborations! An IFPD is just that—a cutting-edge display that responds to touch and enhances your interactive experiences.

How does an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) differ from a regular touchscreen?

Unlike standard touchscreens, Interactive Flat Panel boast advanced features like multi-touch capabilities, pen support, and interactive software, making them ideal for, classroom, dynamic presentations and collaborative work.

What size options are available for IFPDs?

IFPDs come in a range of sizes, from compact 55-inch displays to immersive 98-inch behemoths, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every space and need.

Can I connect my devices to the IFPD?

Absolutely! IFPDs are designed with connectivity in mind. You can easily link your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the display for seamless content sharing.

Is it possible to use the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) as a whiteboard?

Yes! Think of it as a high-tech whiteboard on steroids. You can write, draw, and annotate directly on the display, making your presentations come alive.

What makes IFPD suitable for education?

IFPDs revolutionize classrooms by promoting interactive learning. Teachers can engage students with multimedia content, interactive lessons, and collaborative activities, fostering a dynamic educational environment.

Are IFPD user-friendly for everyone?

Absolutely! Interactive Flat Panel Display also called Interactive Panel are designed with ease of use in mind. Intuitive interfaces, touch gestures, and straightforward controls make them accessible to all users.

Do IFPDs support third-party applications?

Yes, many Interactive Flat Panel are compatible with a variety of third-party applications, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred tools and software.

How durable are IFPDs?

Built to withstand the rigours of daily use, Interactive Flat Panel often feature robust construction and durable materials, making them a reliable choice for both professional and educational settings.

Can I use a stylus or my fingers to interact with the IFPD?

Certainly! Interactive Flat Panel also called Interactive Panel offer flexibility, allowing you to use either a stylus or your fingers for precise touch control and annotation.

Are Interactive Touch Panel suitable for remote collaboration?

Yes, many Interactive Flat Panel also called Interactive Panel equipped with features like video conferencing integration, making them perfect for collaborative work, whether your team is in the same room or spread across the globe.

How does the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) enhance presentations?

IFPDs transform traditional presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences. You can highlight key points, annotate content in real-time, and engage your audience like never before.

What is the lifespan of an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)?

IFPDs are built to last, with a typical lifespan ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of use. This ensures long-term value for your investment.

Can I customize the settings and appearance of the IFPD?

Absolutely! Most Interactive Flat Panel offer a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor settings, wallpapers, and other features to suit your preferences.

Are software updates available for Interactive Touch Panel?

Yes, manufacturers regularly release software updates to enhance performance, introduce new features, and ensure compatibility with the latest applications.

How does the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) contribute to a greener environment?

IFPDs often come with energy-efficient features such as automatic power-saving modes and eco-friendly materials, aligning with the commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Can multiple users interact with the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) simultaneously?

Absolutely! Many Interactive Touch Panel support multi-user touch functionality, allowing several people to collaborate on the same screen simultaneously. It's like a digital brainstorming session!

What security features are in place to protect sensitive information on the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)?

Security is a top priority. Interactive Flat Panel also called Interactive Panel often include password protection, encrypted connections, and secure login options to safeguard your data during presentations and collaborations.

How does the IFPD integrate with other smart technologies in a room?

Interactive Touch Panel also called Interactive Panel can be the central hub of a smart meeting or classroom. Integration with IoT devices, smart lighting, and other technologies enhances the overall user experience, creating a truly connected environment.

Are there any fun or creative applications for Interactive Touch Panel outside of the workplace or classroom?

Absolutely! From interactive games to digital art creation, Interactive Flat Panel are versatile and can add a touch of creativity and entertainment to various settings, making them perfect for both work and play.