Rocware RC821U PTZ Camera

RC821U PTZ camera gives an unparalleled video quality by Rocware. Boasting a Panasonic 1/2.8-inch HD CMOS sensor, it delivers brilliant 1080P at 60fps, ensuring clarity in any lighting. With a 12x optical zoom and 16X digital zoom, it captures details up to 12 meters. Auto framing, triple power supply options, and remote control support make it ideal for live events, webcasting, and video conferencing. Transform your communication with this versatile, professional-grade camera.

1080P HD

Video Resolution


Wide Angle View

12x and 16x

Optical and Digital Zoom

-30° - +90°

Vertical Tilt Range



Capture brilliance with RC821U PTZ Camera. 1080P, 12x optical zoom, and professional features for immersive visuals.